iMessage, SIRI, Airplay mirroring coming to OS X?

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Oh Apple rumors how we love and gobble them up. This may not be a rumor this time and if for no better reason than it makes perfect sense. All of my devices have messaging capabilities now however not the device I am typing on.

I use my iPhone all day and every day. It is my tech companion, my little buddy. I text like a teenager too, thousands a month. Yet, as I sit here with my iPhone right here on my desk, it would be just great to have an iMessage app integrated right into OS X Lion; maybe even with a growl update and little notifications in the dock. I could much faster contribute to this iMessage group about smoking weed at 10am than having to pick up the phone. Spoiled? Well, yes of course, but the tech is already there so why not just go for it?

Getting SIRI onto every Mac computer would be okay. Not a huge necessity here for Mac computers but if done properly could prove to be a great accessibility option for special needs voice commands or dictation. This would be something more helpful to humans not so much advancing the potential as airplay would.

Maybe some of you reading this are lucky enough to have a 27″ iMac in front of you. Maybe even a 21.5″. Either way thats some damn good screen real estate with limited inputs. Add airplay and you’ve got a deal. Anyone with an iphone or ipad on your network could easily share pictures with you, show you a video they took, or play a few rounds of enlarged Bike Baron. These options could easily be added to Lion and hopefully soon. Apple could benefit from updating and adding to Lion on the fly not making consumers wait for the next iteration of OS X to have updated iOS like features.

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